Lily Allen, topless in GQ magazine

September 13, 2009


Since losing weight, Lily Allen has an overflowing confidence in her body … and this is reflected in the fact that he has more topless pictorial than hits!
The 24 years old artists was declared “Woman of the Year”, following the votes gathered by the readers of the publication. What do you think ?


One comment

  1. […] Lily Allen received an apology from British tabloid The Sun, and damages worth to $ 15,000 for defamation. British tabloid The Sun apologizes singer Lily Allen and it will pay her damages of 11,000 euros after publishing false quotes attributed to her, originally appeared in a French sports magazine, inform the Media Guardian. The tabloid agreed to pay the singer 10,910 euros damages after publishing an article in which it was mentioned that Lily said about Victoria Beckham that she’s a monster and about Cheryl Cole that she’s “stupid and superficial”. The singer denied of making those comments, originally published by a French magazine, and sued the British tabloid for defamation. The Sun presented official apologies to the singer in his printed edition and online, following the judicial decision. […]

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