Christina Aguilera was badly beaten by her father as a child !

September 22, 2009


When only four years old, Christina was forced to endure the inhumane treatment to which her father subjected her. Mad because the girl has disturbed his afternoon sleep, he beat her to the blood.
In a new documentary, Christina Aguilera and her mother, Shelly Kearns have spoken about the abuses they were subjected by her father, sergeant Fausto.
The mother remembers that she found her daughter full of blood and, shocked, asked her what happened. Little Christina answered that he made too much noise and his father got angry.
The violent incident was the last drop for Shelly, who made the bags and left with Christina and the other daughter, Rachel.
“I witnessed a lot of unpleasant things, beatings, fights. Growing up, I didn’t felt safe.” sayd the singer.
In 2002, Fausto vehemently denied Shelley’s accusations, in which she called him “cruel and abusive” in the relationship with the family. “I love Christina, also her sister Rachel. I have not never abused them and they now that,” said Christina’s father.

Christina’s parents have separated in 1989 after 10 years of marriage.


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