Is Hugh Laurie quitting “House” ?

September 23, 2009

hugh laurie stick

Hugh Laurie says it’s very likely to give up the lead role in the successful television series ‘House’ because pretending for 5 years to have a knee defect caused him real problems.
The ‘House’ actor has now a serious problem after for a period of 5 years played the doctor who had a knee problem and move with the aid of a stick.
The series can withstand up to series 7, 8 or 9, but I don’t know if I can, because I’m starting to lose my knees. I’m not very well and I’m forced to do yoga sessions”, said the 50 years old Laurie.

Hugh was nominated for three years in a row in the ‘Best Actor’ section at the Emmy Awards and the series for which he plays as protagonist is broadcast in 66 countries.
In a recent interview, the actor said he founds it very hard to live in L.A. away from all his family back in Britain.
“I never thought I would come live in Lost Angeles, while my children are growing up in England, but here I am trying to give the best of me”, said Hugh.


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