British model Sophie Anderton – Luxury prostitute

September 27, 2009


Sophie Anderton says there is at least another two supermodels who work as luxury prostitutes.
British model Sophie Anderton worked as a prostitute luxury, receiving between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds for an hour of sex, informs Daily Mail.
Sophie Anderton, a famous in Britain, admitted for The Sun that she worked as a luxury prostitute . Anderton, aged 32, told how in 2004 he had a drug addiction and consumed one bottle of vodka a day. When she was practically broke and in debt to her drug supplier, Anderton made the acquaintance of a luxury prostitute who introduced her to the world of paid sex. The same girl set her price for the services – between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds per hour.
Anderton also told that in her short career as a prostitute she had sex for money with five clients and won 50,000 pounds, enough to pay her debts and pay a deposit for a house.
Another shocking allegation was that Anderton blames the world of fashion for her prostitute carrer. “I’m not the only model who chose this path”, said Sophie. “There is a dark side of the modeling world. At least two supermodels are working as prostitutes.”


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