Kristen Stewart: “I don’t want to hear about Twilight anymore!”

October 5, 2009


Kristen Stewart, the protagonist of the already famous film “Twilight”, was interviewed by the magazine “Interview’s” on the 40’st anniversary of the publication.
The reporter tried to compliment the actress, saying that his 6 years old daughter became her biggest fan after seeing the movie “Twilight”. It seems that the star was not too pleased by this remark.
“I’m so bored by the Twilight topic. Virtually every conversation begins with this film. I keep thinking that when I try to say something that really matters to me, no one listens”, replied Kristen.
Asked about her relation with Robert Pattison, she said that her personal life does not concern anyone and that lately she prefers to stay at home rather then photographers to run after her.
“Who am I with is only my problem and I don’t think that should interest anyone else. However every time I go out, the day I read in the press all sorts of aberrations, so I prefer to stay at home”, added the actress.


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