Method Man shocking statement: “I gave all my money on marijuana and I didn’t had money for taxes anymore!”

October 5, 2009


Who says that stars don’t have problems with money, they are wrong.
Rapper Method Man was arrested several days ago for tax evasion. The singer no longer payed fees from March 2008, and when asked why did he broke the law, he replied: “I gave all the money on marijuana and I have no money left to pay these unnecessary fees”.


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  1. Not a fan. Don’t claim knowledge of the dude’s music, but he is right on. I mean to say – exactly right on: his is my story. I fled my drug dealer right around the time of ’08 b/c I could not afford my “medicina” for which no insurance company will pay any “copayment” as the TRUE DRUGS/ TRUTH are not recognized by our sinful, UNLAWFUL (disrespectful) fraudulent system, so sick, it is too sick to even be ABLE to recognize its own savior, its own incompentence…its own wrongdoing. GO METHOD MAN! Whatever you say I suppose is more true than any politico funded by lobbyists, Wall Streeters, idiot multinational servicio/security guards could ever offer up as the reason (la seguridad de) funding the mentalities that found all wrongs. Sure. WE owe. WE are criminals. WE who have been enlightened, thanks be to Jah – whose life form is illegal – which makes planet earth a pretty damn illegal, disrespectful and worthless PLAN-IT to begin with. NO? I am not right? I don’t think so, people. Re-evaluate who you trust. PONDER what is correct, just and right. THINK on why life came into being in the first place. Are humans really here to be miserable, fat f***s? Only after you have considered such IMPORTANCE as these judgments on the existence of mankind may you properly, respectfully judge others who you steal from (ARTISTS) -asking them to pay taxes on the same level as tho an algorithm really solves all problems rather than the mathematicians being those responsible for their coming about) and ask for “taxes” from those who offer freely and most often, THE TEACHINGS go, receive nothing in return – save a vague lie like a moral promise that is the fraud compounding our economic system w/ no more than gravity to back the LAWS up, save some bill from “our” government, stating “pay up” for existing, cuz we’re so jealous of you you must pay to simply exist. And this is called IRS taxation. SS

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