Abigail Breslin is suffering from hypochondria: “I’m afraid to die at 13!”

October 9, 2009


Considered one of the greatest hopes of Hollywood, Abigail Breslin is afraid to die at just 13 years old, her age now. And it’s not just a star whim. The talented actress is suffering from a disease called hypochondria, a morbid mental condition characterized by continuous unrest, caused by the fixed idea that she suffers from a condition, when, in reality, she’s perfectly healthy.
“I am (a hypochondriac). I admit to it totally. I thought I had the Bird Flu for a while, because in New York there are pigeons.
“I was always afraid I was going to step on broken glass for some reason, even though I never have. Anytime something broke in my house, I would put up signs telling me, next to my shoes, that there was broken glass… I was paranoid about it”, explains the young star nominated for an Oscar for her role in” Little Miss Sunshine”


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