Hayden Panettiere – shark magnet

October 11, 2009


The beautiful blonde spends a lot of time practicing water sports and protesting against killing dolphins and whales, so she often come to swim with sharks.
“I attract sharks in a certain measure. If you want to see a shark put me in the water”, said Hayden on the U.S. show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.
The actress remembered about a terrifying episode when she ran into a shark while diving with her mother and brother.

“This safety diver got in to take pictures of my brother and my mum and they had their fins on and when the shark comes too close, you put your fins in their face, and I didn’t have my fins on and all of a sudden… they start going, ‘Shark, right behind you!’
“I was going, ‘What could it be? Tiger shark, Mako, bull, Great White…’ I swam for my life… They were yelling at us because it’s the worst thing to do is to swim away from the shark and make all the splashing. I was like, ‘Guys, you yelled shark… How else do people react? I practically walked on water back to the boat.'”


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