California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed a law against the paparazzi

October 14, 2009


The governor of California , Arnold Schwarzenegger, signed a law that facilitates the procedure for bringing to justice those who publish photos of the stars.
Schwarzenegger decided that the photographers who violate the privacy of stars, and then publish pictures that may harm their image may be punished with fines up to $ 50,000.
And if the Americans paparazzi continue to be careless , California state budget will increase considerably, since this has probably the highest density of stars per square meter.
According to the press in America, Arnold would have reached this conclusion after a series of photos of himself in a bathing suit at the venerable age of 67 years was made public.
The law is made for “those who take pictures of famous people and their relatives while performing a private activity” declared Arnold.


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