Filippa Hamilton raises huge scandal after being fired from Ralph Lauren for being too fat

October 16, 2009


Filippa Hamilton caused an international scandal after she accused her bosses at the fashion house Ralph Lauren as they fired her because she is too fat, although she has only 54 kilograms at a height of 1.74 meters.
Filippa Hamilton was the image of Ralph Lauren for seven years before being fired in April this year. And many say that she has one of the greatest bodies in the fashion industry today.

More, according to measurements of body mass index, the model of French origin weighs four kilograms less than normal.
The drop that filled the glass for Hamilton was a poster appeared in a mall in Japan, where her body was modified in Photoshop, and the model’s tie was narrower than her head.
That’s why Filippa Hamilton went on American television MSNBC and criticized her former bosses:

“They fired me because they said I was overweight and I couldn’t fit in their clothes anymore”
“I was shocked to see that super skinny girl with my face,”
“It’s very sad, I think, that Ralph Lauren could do something like that.”

In response Ralph Lauren said in a statement Tuesday night :

“The image in question was mistakenly released and used in a department store in Japan and was not the approved image which ran in the U.S. We take full responsibility,”


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