Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva will become parents in a few weeks

October 17, 2009


Very relaxed, the star and his girlfriend were walking randomly on the streets of New York, but when they saw the cameras the singer took care to hide her pregnant belly with a huge coat.
There are only a few weeks and Mel Gibson’s lover, Russian singer Oksana Grigoriev, has to give birth. However, almost every time the two were out in public, Mel’s brunette did her best to cover her belly(we still don’t understand why). So happened a few days ago, when the couple went out for a walk on the streets of New York. Very relaxed, Mel and Oksana have talked, laughed, they hugged and they kissed, but at no time the Russian did not allowed her belly to be seen, hiding it under a huge black coat. At one point, the two entered Balthazar restaurant.
Oksana will give Mel his eighth child, the future baby being the second for the Russian, who has a son, Alexander, aged 12 years. Although Mel divorced for her, the sexy brunette doesn’t want, at least for now, to become, officially, Mrs. Gibson.


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