Shakira disguises herself as a man in order to go to college

October 18, 2009


Celebrity has many advantages but also many disadvantages. One inconvenience that comes with the star status is the lack of privacy. For this reason many stars resort to various tricks to escape the flashes of the paparazzi. Shakira, for example, testified that she disguises herself as a men in order to attend college.
The famous singer wants to withdraw a period from the spotlight and concentrate more on study. Shakira is currently studying History at the UCLA.
To be able to follow her courses and not be assaulted, the star said she is forced to disguise as a man.
“I needed a break from me. The universe is so broad, I cannot be at the centre of it.
“So I decided to go to the university and study history for a summer course, just to kind of switch gears, taste the student life.
“I used to wear a cap and a big backpack, I looked like a boy. I didn’t get recognised. Some people looked at me very suspiciously, a few people asked me, but I told them my name was Isabelle. I would go to university over and over again if I could.”

Shakira is not the only star who resort to this trick. Beyonce said some time ago that, in order to walk in the park, she’s wearing men’s clothes.


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