Meryl Streep’s daughter debuts in Hollywood

November 5, 2009


Grace Gummer, the daughter of famous actress Meryl Streep, will launch herself in the movie industry with a TV production about a Hollywood kid chaotic life.

Grace, 23, will play a young 17 year old teenager, daughter of a famous actors couple, facing lots of problems for her age. The production is called “Gigantic” and describes the strange world of Hollywood “luxury” children. Also, another young actress will make her debut on the screen, Joe Mantegna’s 19 year old daughter, Gia.

Producers believe that the new series will raise a great audience, because young people everywhere are interested in seeing the affairs of famous teenagers, and “Gigantic” will is all about the juicy details from Hollywood’s teen life.

Gumber Grace is one of the four children of actress Meryl Streep. Although the movie star has kept everyone away from the spotlight, , Grace played on the stage of a theater in New York in November 2008, and her sister, Mamie, also had several small roles in TV series.


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