Monica Bellucci, “leased” for 4 hours with 190,000 euros

November 11, 2009


The beautiful actress Monica Bellucci has been “rented” by the daughter of Uzbekistan dictator, Islam Karimov for the sum of 190,000 euros. The actress played the role of “guest-star” for four hours in a closed circuit soiree organized by the Karimov family in Paris to promote their foundation, “Uzbekistan 2010”.

The event occurred on April 8th, but it was only now the information was provided by an anonymous source to “Bakchich” weekly.

The actress signed a very strict contract, by which she could not make public the fact that she attended in the event, nor the purpose of her presence or the amount of money received for her services.

Also, at the event had to be present the beautiful Isabelle Adjani, who declined the invitation.


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