Eva Longoria, designated philanthropist of the year

November 16, 2009


Actress Eva Longoria, a prominent human rights activist, was awarded the title of “philanthropist of the year” by “The Hollywood Reporter” magazine.

The charity carried by the “Desperate Housewives” actress have not remained unnoticed, and the Monday issue of THR magazine focuses on them, designating her the philanthropist of the year. The actress received the award due to her involvement in supporting humanitarian causes and total commitment to the cause of Latino communities.

Eva is the Padres Contra El Cancer (Parents against Cancer) association’s spokeswoman, a nonprofit organization seeking to improve living conditions of Latino children that have cancer and their families. Moreover, three years ago, the actress established “Eva’s Heroes”, a nonprofit organization in her city, San Antonio, which provides an intensive educational program for children with disabilities.

Also, Eva was executive producer of the film “The Harvest”, a documentary showing poor living conditions of 500,000 farmers children in America, of which most are of Latin origin.

Eva will celebrate the title Monday night at a private party held in her honor.


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