Mya: I got rid of the fat and I gained muscle. With dance

November 17, 2009


What doesn’t do a star to look good on TV!? Sacrifice, exhausting exercises in the gym, diet. Mya is no exception.

The beautiful R & B singer has decided to be in top form for the show “Dancing with the stars”, broadcast by ABC. So, she literally got to work. “I lost a lot of fat and have more muscle. I dropped from size 4 to 2 “, confessed the 30 year old star.

“I exercised six to twelve hours a day, several times a week. In addition to dance, I did boxing, resistance exercises, jump rope, do crunches and running. I started at 62 kg, arrived at 57 kg in a month, then at 54. I’m now 57 again because I gained muscle from dancing”, confessed the now happy singer.

Regarding food, Mya said: “I eat more protein now. I used to be vegetarian. Now I eat more chicken and beef. I argue with carbohydrates like cheese, puree, rice, sauces, rolls and the list goes on”, Mya completed.


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