Robert Pattinson asked a fan to undress in front of him

November 19, 2009


Robert Pattinson managed to twist women minds and confesses that he’s flattered by his admirers reactions when they are around him.

The “Twilight” star said he was surprised when he saw that his fans are able even to give up clothes, if he requires it. Invited on Ellen DeGeneers show, Robert testified that during an autograph session, he asked a fan to undress and to his surprise the girl didn’t think too much and had his wish fulfilled.

“It was after a period of signing 500 signatures, and one of the fans just came up. You kind of get 10 seconds with each person and you never really say anything, and I kind of got bored of saying, Hey, how are you doing? And she said, in her 10 seconds, ‘What can I do to get your attention?”

“I was like, Um, just take your clothes off.”

“And she stood there and frantically started taking her clothes off and got dragged out of the room by security,” he said. “I never felt more terrible.”


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