Victoria Beckham revealed the diet which keeps her so thin

November 22, 2009


Victoria Beckham is thin. Amazingly thin. And not because she’s sick, but because she keeps her weight under strict control. She doesn’t take pills, she’s not anorexic and she doesn’t follow some bizarre diet. she’s just having a very good control over her life.

In an interview with U.S. magazine Allure, Posh Spice said it’s easy to be thin and she manage it in three simple steps, followed each day: in the morning she’s drinking a double espresso, then runs like crazy on the step band, she doesn’t eat fast food or fat dishes and she usually limits to simple salads.

However, the star’s mother said in a recent interview that her daughter doesn’t find it easy controlling when it comes to food and she often goes over the edge. Who should we believe, Victoria or her mother?

This time we gonna give credit to Victoria. Her incredible figure says it all.


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