Daniel Radcliffe wants to appear naked in Harry Potter

December 9, 2009


If you can believe it, there are also famous actors unhappy with their current star status. One of these actors is Daniel Radcliffe, the famous “ex-kid” who plays Harry Potter.

Daniel apparently suffers terribly because of the good boy label that he was assigned for the role in the famous series of films for children. With age, he come to realize that his career as an adult is in danger because of the character he played with such great success.

Radcliffe has done everything possible to get rid of this stigma. Recently he appeared completely naked in the play “Equurs”, just to show the world that can perform different roles, besides the student wizard.

The actor wants to shock “Harry Potter” fans with a nude appearance in the newest production of the series, titled “Harry Potter and the Deathly hollows”, and now producers try their best to fulfill the young man’s caprice: “There will be some scenes in the new movie in which Daniel will appear naked, but we think how to present him, because much of the audience consists of children,”, said director David Yates.


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