Lindsay Lohan: sex, drugs and music for Muse Magazine

December 9, 2009


Known for her hectic life, sprinkled with sex, drugs and alcohol, Lindsay Lohan has revealed her wild side in a very provocative photo shoot.

The shootout expresses exactly what the 23 year old actress lived recently.

Together with another boy and with Sofia, (Madonna’s friend and dancer) they have dropped all inhibitions and posed naked.

Lindsay showed professionalism and managed to leave vulgarity behind, adopting a sensual and provocative image.

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Johnny Hallyday, hospitalized for a postoperative infection

December 9, 2009


Singer and actor Johnny Hallyday, 66 years old, was hospitalized Monday in Los Angeles because of an infection that followed an intervention for a herniated disc.

“His state of health is stable and it’s expected to leave hospital in few days,” said the press service of the artist.

Johnny Hallyday has already been operated twice this year for colon cancer.

The singer flew to Los Angeles on December 1, against his doctor’s will, only four days after surgery, according to Hallyday’s entourage. Complaining of pain during the journey, he left the airport in Los Angeles in a wheelchair. As the pain continued to increase, Johnny Hallyday was hospitalized Monday at Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. Doctors have diagnosed a postoperative infection.


Lindsay Lohan: “I didn’t kissed Jessica Alba’s husband”

December 8, 2009

Lindsay Lohan has denied the rumors claiming that the star would have kissed Jessica Alba’s husband, Cash Warren, in a club in Los Angeles.

“It’s absurd. He’s a married man, I would not dare to kiss him,” said the actress.

The declaration was made after she became the protagonist of a scandal. According to sources close to the artist, Lindsay was seen kissing Cash Warren and leaving with him towards a house in Hollywood.


Johnny Depp received the role of a revolutionary in Emir Kusturica’s new film

December 8, 2009


Johnny Depp, known for the extraordinary roles he chooses, has the chance to once again demonstrate his acting skills: he received a revolutionary role in the new film of Emir Kusturica.

The director has distributed the role of Pancho Villa in his last film, entitled “Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers”. (weird right ???)

The scenario is based on the biographical novel “Pancho Villa’s Friends” in which author James Carlos Blake tells how the revolutionary and his friends are having a great time combining fights and parties.


Brad Pitt will produce a film about Dracula

December 8, 2009

The production company founded by American actor Brad Pitt will produce, in collaboration with Summit Entertainment, the feature film “Vlad”, inspired by the legends surrounding Count Dracula.

This project film will benefit from a script by actor Charlie Hunnam, while directing the film will be Anthony Mandler, a popular music video director who has already worked with Rihanna and Eminem.

“Vlad” will present the story of young prince Dracula, anticipating the rise of future ruler Vlad the Impaler, the Wallachian monarch behind the myth of Dracula. Summit Entertainment hopes to make “a bold film about a radical period in history”.


Ashlee Simpson got back her curves

December 8, 2009


Ashlee Simpson’s apparently came into her senses and did something about her weight, after in August this year shocked everyone with her incredibly thin figure.


Jessica Simpson’s younger sister was photographed leaving the New York theater after performing in “Chicago”. Although she was wearing thicker clothes, she was noticeably looking better. It seems that she put a little weight on in order to not endanger her health.


Victoria’s Secret – “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies”

December 8, 2009


Some of Victoria’s Secret models have recently filmed a commercial for Christmas. The add suggestively titled “One Gift. A Thousand Fantasies” is designed to inspire men to choose an exciting and sexy gift for their loved ones.

Just so you can make an image you should know that the add was directed by Michael Bay, “Transformers” movie director and it involves knifes, beautiful girls and fast cars.