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Tiger Woods hits the tree

November 28, 2009


Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident, Friday, nearby his house in Florida.

The number 1 golfer in the world, was rushed to a nearby hospital to receive medical care. The accident occurred at local time 02.20, near his house, the car hitting a hydrant, then stopped in a tree located on a neighbor’s property. Tiger Woods was alone in the car and was driving a 2009 Cadillac SUV. In the accident were not involved other persons.

Florida Police began investigations to determine th causes of the accident, but said however that the incident was not related to alcohol consumption.


Brad Pitt suffered a motorcycle accident this Saturday in Los Angeles / Video

October 25, 2009


The actor had a motorcycle accident on Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Fortunately, nothing serious has happened.
Brad was very eager to test his new ride, and thought that the weekend is the perfect time for this. But something made him lose control of the handlebars and ran into a car. Some sources claim that guilty would be a paparazzo.
The fact is that Brad wasn’t hurt at all. He rose, pushed the bike to the sidewalk, talked a while with the fans and that was it. Maybe his grizzled beard would have to make him think twice before taking his bike on a ride the next time.


Brooke Shields, plane incident

October 7, 2009


The famous actress Brooke Shields escaped safely after her plane was involved in an accident.
The star, aged 44, was on board along with actor Jim Belushi. On landing, due to the pilot’s negligence, the aircraft came into collision with a utility vehicle that was on the track.
“It was an unfortunate incident, but fortunately nobody was injured. The accident happened just when Brooke was about to descent from the plane. It was a pilot error” said the star’s spokesman.


Britney Spears has to pay over $ 200,000 to a paparazzo!

September 25, 2009


Britney Spears needs to pay over 200,000 dollars due to an incident happened over two years ago, when Britney stepped with her car on the photographer’s leg.
Although at first the photographer said he has no financial claims and that the incident will be forgotten, now changed his mind and wants to charge a tidy sum for his injury.
Ricardo Mendoza explained the request by the fact that he spent enough time in hospitals when he was hurt Britney. The amount, he said, includes both bills from the clinic, as well as moral damages from the incident.