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Amy Winehouse replaced drugs with trhe gym

November 3, 2009


British singer Amy Winehouse has found a new addiction: the gym and is very pleased by this fact.

“One of Amy’s positive addictions is going to the gym. He spends three to four hours a day in there. She’s in grate shape. But she began to buy all sorts of things which she doesn’t always need, “said Mitch Winehouse for a British publication.


Amy Winehouse nip slip

October 27, 2009

amy nipple

Amy Winehouse is so proud with her new breasts that she wants everybody to see what a great job the surgeons did.
The singer has recently invested £ 35,000 in her breasts, after realizing she completely lost her long time voluptuous forms. Now, after she recovered, she’s proud to show off.

amy nipple 2


Amy Winehouse dating George Foreman’s son ?

October 16, 2009


According to British sources it seems that between the two is flowering a nice relationship.

“His name is George Foreman and he boxes, just like his dad. Amy loves that he’s toned and very fit,”
“Amy told us that she’s dating George Foreman’s son, she said he is absolutely gorgeous.”
“Amy also laughed and revealed he’s a very big man. She seemed genuinely excited about him.”
“She gushed about him for ages, like a lovesick teenager. She says he really looks after his body and is into sport, fitness and healthy living.”


Amy – Blake’s Girl

October 14, 2009


Amy Winehouse was surprized by the paparazzi with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, aged 13 years, in a round of shopping on central London streets.
Nothing special so far … all stars go shopping, but on this occasion Amy wanted to declare her love for her former husband, Blake Fielder. And after she posted messages of love on the Facebook Wall, the singer appealed to a more visible gesture, wearing a custom pink shirt with the message “Blake’s Girl”.


Amy Winehouse – $40.000 boobs

October 10, 2009


Before reappearing on TV, the singer has suffered a breast surgery in order to recover her forms.
Winehouse, aged 26 years, has undergone a surgery Wednesday in an attempt to recover the voluptuous forms that she had when it got discovered in 2003 and lost later after years of drugs abuse.
The Sun quotes several friends of the singer, giving assurances that Winehouse has decided to put implants in order to regain her self-esteem and to be in good shape when she returns to the TV screen.
The singer has to participate in the BBC ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, a dance contest that involves well-known characters and in which Amy will sing in the choir with her 13 years old goddaughter, singer Dionne Bromfield.


Amy Winehouse has lost nine million pounds

October 6, 2009


Wild nights in various clubs, holidays abroad, but also the fact that she has not produced anything during the year have seriously affected the bank account of singer Amy Winehouse.
Famous and with a fat bank account, Amy lost her mind. The scandalous divorce with her former husband, Blake Fielder-Civil and the disorganized life in recent years have cost the singer dearly. Apparently, in the last 12 months, the star has lost not less than 9 million pounds, her bank accounts falling from 10 million pounds to just one million.


Amy Winehouse – in the studio for her third album

September 22, 2009

Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson

Having overcome her drugs problems, the singer get busy working on her third album.
The star began working with Mark Ronson on the new album after the super-producer has agreed to reunite the team that make both famous. The two have worked together on “Back to Black”, but their relationship had cooled in the past.
Now, it seems that the producer was convinced Amy is on a good track and they can make a good work together.