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Kirstie Alley and Demi Moore, Twitter War with Perez Hilton

October 8, 2009


Kirstie Alley has engaged in a tough war on Twitter, having been attacked “below the belt” by famous U.S. blogger Perez Hilton. He made some malicious remarks on the star’s out of control weight and the actress replica didn’t delayed.
Alley, who has long passed her “psychological step” of 100 kg, admitted that her weight fluctuations are only due to her excessive appetite for food. “My demons are Chinese food, sugar and butter. I eat tons of butter,” says Alley, who confesses that, on average, needs a day, about half a pack of butter.
If concerning her body weight, Alley could only accuse the blogger of rudeness, to shut his mouth, the star joined Demi Moore’s “campaign”, also very disturbed by the attitude of the famous Perez Hilton.
Hilton posted on the Internet some photos with Tallulah Willis, the 15 years old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, marked with malicious comments “Tallulah dresses like a prostitute. Look at her breasts! “said Hilton
“This is pure pornography!” said Demi Moore, threatening that whoever will buy ad space will support the views of Hilton and is guilty of breaking child protecting laws.