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Kendra Wilkinson entered labor. She will become the mother of a boy

December 10, 2009


Former playmate Kendra Wilkinson will soon see her dream come true. Reality show “The Girls Next Door” star came into labor and was transported to Indianapolis hospital, Indiana, where she’s expected to bring to the world a little boy.

The baby is her first child with American footballer Hank Baskett.

Hearing the happy news, her former boyfriend, Playboy owner, Hugh Hefner wished to congratulate the beautiful blonde: “Send my love Kendra, Hank and the baby, in this memorable day”.

Now everybody expects the official confirmation that the star became a mum for the first time and also to prove, if proofs were needed, that Playboy bunnies know how to be good mothers. And not just in the covers of magazines.


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen gave birth to a boy

December 10, 2009


The famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen gave birth to a boy. The beautiful blonde and her husband, American football player Tom Brady, are ecstatic.

The two did not want to make any statement yet, the only thing that is known is that child is healthy.

This is Gisele’s first child. She did not want to know the baby’s sex before birth, preferring to be a surprise. Her husband has also a two year old boy from a previous relationship.


Beth Ditto: “I went out with a boy for three years when I was at school”

November 8, 2009


The Gossip’s lead singer, lesbian Beth Ditto, told for a magazine how in her teenager years she had a relationship with a boy just for fear of not being “discovered” that she’s different and have to suffer from this.

The singer claims that she was aware she’s a lesbian since the age of 15 years and did everything she could to keep up appearances, so she hooked up with a boy she knew of being a homosexual.

“I started to hate the friends of my girl friends and was really jealous. I realised that I don’t fancy men.”

“I went out with a boy for three years when I was at school but I was actually just dating him because I thought he was gay.”