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Bai Ling slips in Hamburg

December 13, 2009


When is the last time you saw a movie with Bai Ling? Hmm … no, we don’t remember neither a notable role of the Asian in recent years.

However, we should all agree that the actress knows how to attract attention! At the “Movie Meets Media” event, held in Hamburg, Bai Ling appeared dressed in a pink skirt, covering her breasts with only a fur collar.

Of course, when Bai was on the red carpet, her fur has slipped, just enough to let one nipple fly …

It is known that Bai Ling has a real obsession with her nipples: she even shot a movie called “Nipples: Pieces of My Dream”.


Katie Price has revealed her breasts twice in 60 minutes

November 18, 2009


Katie Price has succeeded to “accidentally” show her breasts twice in 60 minutes after her arrival in the Australian jungle for the show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of here!”.

If the first time Jordan remained only in a bathing suit after a swim in an improvised pool, she showed more when she washed herself from the dirty water in which she just swam.

Jordan, who was allegedly paid 350,000 pounds to take part in the show, said she didn’t had patience and went to take a shower just right after the pool stunt. The cameraman followed her and shot the scene.


Blake Lively, daring neckline at her movie preview

November 16, 2009


Well, the aggressive neckline fashion seems to have got into all the stars, without exception.

At the preview of her movie “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee” in New York, Blake preferred a costume with a generous view over her breasts. No wonder the actress drew all eyes.


The star, which is now filming her third season of Gossip Girl has boldly adopted a very sexy look, with black shorts and a white jacket. Blake seemed very at ease and aware of how good it looks.


Tila Tequila auctioned her breasts

November 2, 2009

Bisexual star Tila Tequila wanted to make a good act and thought to put her breasts up for sale, to be more exact a casting of her breasts. The auction was organized by the “Keep A Breast” Foundation and the money raised will be donated to charity for breast cancer research and prevention. So far the highest amount offered for a breast copy was 44,500 dollars, but the auction will last until November 6.


Aubrey O’Day – boobs and butt on Twitter!

October 8, 2009


A brand new series of Aubrey O’Day’s sensual photos make sensation on the internet!
Shortly after she appeared topless in Las Vegas, the star of “Peepshow” has posted on her Twitter account some provocative pictures.
Aubrey shows her ass and breasts in all its splendor, to the delight of her admirers. The photographs were made in the makeup cabin, right before the show.
Paradoxically, this exhibitionism proof comes after the star complained that her topless photos are all over the Internet.


Another Kate Moss face…

October 5, 2009


Whenever she goes out with her friends, Kate Moss wants to be funny and to make them laugh. The same thing happened a few days ago, on a terrace in London, where the British model touched herself on the breasts in front of the world and made faces, just like a clown from the circus.


Naomi Campbell see-thru outfit at Paris Fashion Week

October 4, 2009


The brave Naomi Campbell has marched at Paris Fashion Week in a transparent blouse thru which everyone could admire her breasts.

Naomi Campbell once again defies time! The 39 years old model presented the creation of Russian designer Igor Chapurin. Naomi looks like just like 20 years ago and demonstrates that she can live in modeling even at her age.