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Does Britney really got engaged to her agent ?

December 8, 2009


The pop princess, Britney Spears (28 years), apparently got engaged to her boyfriend, agent Jason Trawick (37 years). The U.S. press got huge on the subject after the star was recently spotted wearing an engagement ring and rumors about the wedding say that will apparently take place next year.


Britney and her family, happy under the Sydney sky

November 16, 2009


After the playback scandal she passed by after her concerts in Australia, Britney Spears enjoys a mini-vacation with her two sons and boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

“They looked like a happy family. Jason loves the children and he played Superman for them, hiding and playing for hours,” said a witness for The Sun.


Britney Spears, at dinner with Jason Trawick

October 26, 2009


The pop princess and her manager, Jason Trawick, were surprised leaving West Hollywood’s „Little Door” restaurant after what it seemed a romantic dinner. The singer looked fresh in her outfit, a short frock, which highlighted her legs, and matching boots. Of course, the bra was left at home, o that the view offered to be complete.


Britney Spears – “3” preview

October 16, 2009


Britney Spears began filming in Los Angeles, for her new video for the song “3”. This is the song that reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The clip is directed by Diane Martell, and choreography is provided by Tone & Rich. Britney has two costumes, one black and one white, and appears with two dancers.


Britney Spears has been named “the best famous mother in the world”

October 15, 2009


U.S. singer Britney Spears has been named “the best famous mother in the world” in a new poll, made by Contactmusic.
In 2008, the star lost custody of her two sons, after several public episodes who questioned her mental stability. Eventually, after she demonstrated rehabilitation in front of a court, Spears won given partial custody of the children with former husband Kevin Federline.
In the survey conducted by the British company Park Christmas Saving, the singer received no fewer than 74% of the votes, being declared “the best mother in showbiz”.
Christina Aguilera ranked second place, followed by Angelina Jolie.


Britney Spears – back to boyfriend Jason Trawick ?

October 11, 2009


Apparently, Britney’s ex boyfriend returned to better feelings and decided to give another chance to their relationship. Jason Trawick and the singer were seen together for the first time in several months after their separation.
The two were seen shopping together at a mall in Calabasas and have attracted the eyes of the fans with their tender gestures. “After being apart for so long, Britney and Jason seem to enjoy every minute together”, said a witness.


Britney Spears spent over 3000 dollars in one day on sweets!

September 29, 2009


Britney Spears has stunned those who visited the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas this last days when the star bought sweets worth of $ 3 000 from a shop.
Britney was in Vegas to visit her sons and friend. “She spent almost 3000 dollars on lollipops. She left the store with 10 bags of sweets. She purchased some shirts for her children, but also some souvenirs for the dancers in his band”, said one witness. Spears held in Vegas her last concert of the tour “Circus”, which seemed to have consumed all her energy. And this are not the only money she consumed sweets, the store sending in the artists room chocolate milk worth $2,500.