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Jennifer Garner, maybe just a bit to thin…

December 1, 2009


American actress Jennifer Garner was surprised yesterday leaving a beauty session at Neil George Salon.

Although Jennifer has never had problems with weight, American publications started to question whether this time, the star isn’t sick.

Jennifer Garner is married to actor Ben Affleck since 2005 and have two daughters together, Violet Anne and Elizabeth Rose Seraphine.


Victoria Beckham revealed the diet which keeps her so thin

November 22, 2009


Victoria Beckham is thin. Amazingly thin. And not because she’s sick, but because she keeps her weight under strict control. She doesn’t take pills, she’s not anorexic and she doesn’t follow some bizarre diet. she’s just having a very good control over her life.

In an interview with U.S. magazine Allure, Posh Spice said it’s easy to be thin and she manage it in three simple steps, followed each day: in the morning she’s drinking a double espresso, then runs like crazy on the step band, she doesn’t eat fast food or fat dishes and she usually limits to simple salads.

However, the star’s mother said in a recent interview that her daughter doesn’t find it easy controlling when it comes to food and she often goes over the edge. Who should we believe, Victoria or her mother?

This time we gonna give credit to Victoria. Her incredible figure says it all.


Mya: I got rid of the fat and I gained muscle. With dance

November 17, 2009


What doesn’t do a star to look good on TV!? Sacrifice, exhausting exercises in the gym, diet. Mya is no exception.

The beautiful R & B singer has decided to be in top form for the show “Dancing with the stars”, broadcast by ABC. So, she literally got to work. “I lost a lot of fat and have more muscle. I dropped from size 4 to 2 “, confessed the 30 year old star.

“I exercised six to twelve hours a day, several times a week. In addition to dance, I did boxing, resistance exercises, jump rope, do crunches and running. I started at 62 kg, arrived at 57 kg in a month, then at 54. I’m now 57 again because I gained muscle from dancing”, confessed the now happy singer.

Regarding food, Mya said: “I eat more protein now. I used to be vegetarian. Now I eat more chicken and beef. I argue with carbohydrates like cheese, puree, rice, sauces, rolls and the list goes on”, Mya completed.


Is this the secret of your diet ?

November 9, 2009


Many man and women envy on Zac Efron for his thin, athletic silhouette. Well, the actor seems to have revealed the secret of his “special” diet.

He was seen by the paparazzi entering into The Sunset Tower in Los Angeles with…an apple in hand.

So…our advise to the ladies…When it comes to food, go green


Gerard Butler – water, lemon and cayenne pepper diet

October 18, 2009


Acting requires sacrifice, and Gerard Butler has to give up French fries and the cakes he confessed to love so much. Now, the star is on a new diet, in order to get inside his next character.
An advocate of drastic but effective solutions, Butler not only gave up junk food, but doesn’t eat much food either. He only drinks water, seasoned with a bit of lemon and cayenne pepper.

“I’m on a cleanse right now. I have the lemon water! It’s a nightmare because normally there’s time constraints and I have my trainer and nutritionist to enforce the law.”
“I’ll literally have people there hiding cupcakes from me. Once my trainer caught me, he said, ‘You’re in that trailer over there, right? I heard you’re eating chocolate cake’, and I’m like, ‘Me? No!’ My heart is literally pumping so fast trying to sneak this cake when my trainer’s not looking!”


Victoria Beckham is on a new diet

October 18, 2009


Victoria Beckham has always been obsessed with her weight and certainly will not give up the fight with the extra pounds.
Although thiner than ever, the former Spice Girls thought it’s appropriate to try a new diet. The last couple of weeks, the star has been eating only good grapes and sashimi, a traditional Japanese food very poor in calories.
Victoria drinks occasionally one glass of white wine at dinner, but never exaggerates. David Beckham’s wife has already lost 7 kg using this diet and is very pleased with the results.


Woody Harrelson became a vegetarian to get rid of acne

September 24, 2009


The actor has not eaten meat or dairy products for over 24 years. He recognizes that this has nothing to do with animal rights, instead, he resorted to this lifestyle because it was the only way to get rid of acne.
Whoody recognized that when he was 20 years old used to eat hamburgers and steaks very often.
He recalled that at 24 years old, has met a girl who advised him to give up dairy products and meat, if he wants to have a clean face. And he did so. Since becoming a vegetarian, the actor claims to get rid of acne.

Whoody is not the only one who gave up meat, Pamela Anderson said recently that she lost weight after adopting a vegetarian diet.