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Porn Starlet Tera Patrick is looking for a man to satisfy her in bed

November 26, 2009


Married for four years with rocker Evan Seinfeld, Porn Starlet Tera Patrick, 33, recently decided to divorce. According to U.S. tabloids, Tera was not satisfied with her husband’s sexual performance anymore, affected by the fact that he drank too much. So the other day, diva has filed divorce and shouted in front of the court that she needs to find a man to satisfy her in bed.


It’s official! Ronnie Wood divorced Jo Wood after a 24 years marriage

November 11, 2009


Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stone’s guitarist has officially divorced his wife, Jo, obtaining, today, a quick divorce after he recognized his adultery.

Former model Jo Wood, aged 54, was granted a divorce by a judge at the High Court for family law in London, ending a marriage that lasted 24 years. Neither Jo Wood or Ronnie Wood were not present in court.

The 62 year old rocker’s marriage fell apart when he left the conjugal home from London in 2008 to spend ten days in Ireland with the young Russian girl Ekaterina Ivanova, 40 years younger than the British musician.

Under the current British divorce laws, Jo Wood is entitled to half of her husband’s wealth, although lawyers haven’t yet said which is its value. Sources in the British press claim, however, that Wood’s wealth declined in recent years because of the global economic crisis.


Is Toni Braxton separating from her husband after eight years of marriage ?

November 7, 2009


Rumors spread about the singer having separated from her husband, Keri Lewis, after eight years of marriage. The news wasn’t yet officially confirmed by the singer or by her representative.

The star and her partner have two children together, Denim, seven years and Diezel, six. The rumor comes shortly after itwas written that the singer is about to lose her house because she failed to pay the mortgage.


R&B star Jamelia set to divorce her husband, footballer Darren Byfield

November 4, 2009


The singer separated from footballer Darren Byfield last month and left the couple’s house, from Sussex.

“It is with regret that Jamelia and Darren Byfield today confirm they are splitting up and getting a divorce.
“No one else is involved. Their priority is naturally their two children.”

The two married in June 2008, just one year after Jamelia left him once more, because of an alleged affair.
Will the couple manage to overcome the disagreements for the sake of bygone times?


Usher does not want to sign the divorce papers

October 7, 2009

Divorces in Hollywood constantly end with a scandal, and the separation of Usher by wife Tameka couldn’t be an exception.
Apparently she’s tired of her husband’s affairs and decided to end the two years marriage.
Although rumors about the separation of the two appeared early June, it seems that Usher has not signed any divorce papers until now.
“I just want him to sign and end with all this circus. We set the terms of the divorce a month ago. I don’t understand what more is he waiting” said Tameka for the British press.


Antonio Banderas wants to divorce Melanie Griffith

October 3, 2009


After 13 years of marriage, Antonio Banderas wants to divorce his wife Melanie Griffith. Although the actor has promised to support her in her struggle with alcohol and tranquilizers, it seems that he got at the end of his powers.
Just back from the rehab clinic, Melanie returned immediately to her old habits, and although her husband begged her not to drink anymore, she didn’t listen. Antonio apparently was forced to hand her the divorce papers.


Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit divorces after three months of marriage!

September 29, 2009


Only yesterday, the press announces that Fred has joined destinies Esther Nazarov, in Las Vegas. But everything went quickly wrong.
Fred Durst announced on Twitter that his marriage is over. “For those who wonder, I acknowledge you that Esther and I decided to go separate ways and we thank you for your support”, said the artist.
It appears that agreements between the two exploded while Fred was working on a new album. For one months, the two retreated to the mountains, but even there, they’ve found too much tension.
“To live life. When things fall apart, it’s good to have a friend on which to rely. We can’t start over again, but we can have a new beginning now, thru a separation” says Fred.