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Ronnie Wood left his 20 years old girlfriend

December 10, 2009

Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones’s guitarist, left his girlfriend after last week, he had a conflict from which the rocker ended up arrested.

According to sources, the rocker’s former girlfriend, Russian Ekaterina Ivanova, is absolutely “devastated” because the musician refused to continue the relationship with her after last week he was arrested for allegedly beating her.

Although Ekaterina, aged 20 years, said that she will not file a complaint against the 62 years old musician, their relationship was too unsettled to continue, said sources close to them.

Moreover, it seems that Ekaterina banter him for his age, and before their last fight she would have want her name on a property in Ireland – worth 3 million pounds – in order to demonstrate that he loves her.


Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend, Ekaterina Ivanova, drunk at London’s Soho Private Members Club

November 5, 2009


After a night of partying in several London bars, Ekaterina Ivanova has hit her head on a club’s door, felt in the street, being helped by a friend to stand back on her feet.

Although much younger than her boyfriend Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones legendary guitarist, aged 62, former Russian waitress Ekaterina Ivanova, aged 19 years, seems to like drinking as much as her lover. Apparently, a few days ago, the two made a marathon thru several London clubs, where they drank along with a group of friends.


Unfortunately for Ekaterina, excessive consumption of vodka caught her on the wrong feat, and made her leave the Soho Private Members Club, at 04.00 in the morning, on her hands and knees. When helped by a friend to get to the car, Ronnie awaited her with a burst of laughter.


Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend, Russian Ekaterina Ivanova wants to be like the Cheeky Girls

October 5, 2009


The Russian wants to copy the Romanians from Cheeky Girls, considering that they have the recipe for success. Two girls coming from Eastern Europe, without any help just with ambition and desire to become famous, who struggled until they succeed. It’s this what Ekaterina wants from her life too, and with Ronnie’s help she hopes to succeed quickly to reach the heights of glory. Our advice…keep looking for another rule model !