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Shane West fell and cut himself after getting drunk at a Katy Perry concert

November 26, 2009


Actor Shane West was so drunk after spending at a club in Los Angeles where Katy Perry performed, that he fell and cut his face.

The 31 year old star had great fun in a club in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and several other friends. But Shane apparently drank too much, lost his balance, fell and cut himself in the face. Besides the bad cut on his face, he also got a few bruises on various parts of the body.

The actor left the club immediately after the incident to treat his wounds and to escape, perhaps, the paparazzi’s flashes.


Another Kate Moss face…

October 5, 2009


Whenever she goes out with her friends, Kate Moss wants to be funny and to make them laugh. The same thing happened a few days ago, on a terrace in London, where the British model touched herself on the breasts in front of the world and made faces, just like a clown from the circus.