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Lady Gaga hits the stage in Montreal, Canada

December 1, 2009


Lady GaGa slips and falls on her buttocks the other day in the middle of her concert.

The singer was on stage in Montreal, Canada, when she slipped and hit the stage’s floor. Fortunately the artist was not injured, got up and continued the show like a true professional.


Shane West fell and cut himself after getting drunk at a Katy Perry concert

November 26, 2009


Actor Shane West was so drunk after spending at a club in Los Angeles where Katy Perry performed, that he fell and cut his face.

The 31 year old star had great fun in a club in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and several other friends. But Shane apparently drank too much, lost his balance, fell and cut himself in the face. Besides the bad cut on his face, he also got a few bruises on various parts of the body.

The actor left the club immediately after the incident to treat his wounds and to escape, perhaps, the paparazzi’s flashes.


Jennifer Lopez hits the floor at the American Music Awards

November 23, 2009

Jennifer Lopez’s famous ass just became more famous after she fell on stage during her Sunday night performance at the American Music Awards.

The singer stepped on the stage transformed into a boxing ring, wearing a gown and gloves to interpret the song “Louboutins” from her new album “Love?”. Nothing unusual so far. But in a moment of relaxation, the singer’s posterior was introduced to the scene floor so that everybody could admire for a few moments the star’s panties.

Despite the incident, Jennifer has proven professionalism and rose immediately to continue her show.


Mariah Carey’s “fall” Live on Jay Leno

November 4, 2009


Mariah Carey made a “dramatic” entrance when invited Monday evening on Jay Leno.

Dressed in a black dress, with high heels, the singer almost suffered a fall when entering the set. Mariah joked later about the whole scene by saying that in fact the moment was directed.

However, after the interview, to avoid any unpleasant situation, Leno helped Mariah to leave the stage all in one piece.


Miranda Kerr got naked for the latest Victoria’s Secret lingerie line

October 28, 2009

Miranda Kerr got naked for the latest Victoria's Secret lingerie line1

Miranda Kerr showed why for the last two years worked as a model for Victoria’s Secret. She simply performs her job perfectly when it comes to wearing underwear.
And if you look at these pictures you’ll be can convinced too. The 26 year old Australian stripped for the new fall 2009 catalog.