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Britney Spears has been named “the best famous mother in the world”

October 15, 2009


U.S. singer Britney Spears has been named “the best famous mother in the world” in a new poll, made by Contactmusic.
In 2008, the star lost custody of her two sons, after several public episodes who questioned her mental stability. Eventually, after she demonstrated rehabilitation in front of a court, Spears won given partial custody of the children with former husband Kevin Federline.
In the survey conducted by the British company Park Christmas Saving, the singer received no fewer than 74% of the votes, being declared “the best mother in showbiz”.
Christina Aguilera ranked second place, followed by Angelina Jolie.


Katie Price – “I was raped by a famous character”

September 15, 2009


Model Katie Price, known as Jordan, says she was raped several times by a celebrity, but refused to disclose the name of the alleged abuser. She stressed that her former husband, Peter Andre, knows about the incident.
“A very famous celebrity raped me and Peter know who it is. This happened many years ago, before me and Peter being a couple. Family and friends also know.”
Jordan broke the silence to defend her current boyfriend, Alex Reid, accused to have appeared in movies with scenes of rape. The star says he could never be in a relationship with a man who has such concerns, because rape is a sensitive point of her soul.

However, her former husband, Peter Andre, denies that he knew more about the subject, stressing that Jordan did not even say anything about this incident