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Robert Pattinson asked a fan to undress in front of him

November 19, 2009


Robert Pattinson managed to twist women minds and confesses that he’s flattered by his admirers reactions when they are around him.

The “Twilight” star said he was surprised when he saw that his fans are able even to give up clothes, if he requires it. Invited on Ellen DeGeneers show, Robert testified that during an autograph session, he asked a fan to undress and to his surprise the girl didn’t think too much and had his wish fulfilled.

“It was after a period of signing 500 signatures, and one of the fans just came up. You kind of get 10 seconds with each person and you never really say anything, and I kind of got bored of saying, Hey, how are you doing? And she said, in her 10 seconds, ‘What can I do to get your attention?”

“I was like, Um, just take your clothes off.”

“And she stood there and frantically started taking her clothes off and got dragged out of the room by security,” he said. “I never felt more terrible.”


Justin Timberlake obtained a restraining order against a fan who harassed him

November 11, 2009


According to Justin, Karen McNeil has repeatedly violated his property, walking thru the artist’s yard at her will and even entering the house without asking permission.

“Ms McNeil’s ever-increasing, aggressive and harassing conduct are extremely distressing. I fear for my personal safety, and that of my family and friends.

I respectfully request that the court make an order prohibiting and restraining Ms McNeil from coming near me, my residence, my workplaces or wherever I am.”

On the other side, she claims she’s a long time friend of the artist and doesn’t understand his action.


Wayne Coyne, assaulted on stage by a completely naked fan

November 5, 2009

naked on stage

At the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans an ardent fan wanted to show Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, how much she loves him, which is why she made an absolutely crazy gesture and she climbed on stage completely naked, jumping into the arms of the singer and embracing it passionately. The audience applauded the crazy gesture minutes in a row.


Busta Rhymes has to pay $ 75,000 in damages to an assaulted fan

October 16, 2009


A fan of the rapper won the trial for the 2003 incident.
Alex Duncan, 32, complained that he was assaulted by Busta’s bodyguard during a concert held in Albany, New York. He complained to the Court that he’s suffering from anxiety and nightmares since the incident.


Leona Lewis was left unconscious after a fan has punched her in the face!

October 15, 2009

Singer Leona Lewis had part of an unpleasant event, while she was on an autographs session. The diva signed her new CD, when a 29 years old man suddenly hit her in the head. Leona passed out, and she was urgently taken to hospital.
Now, the singer is recovering and give signs that she feels increasingly better. The man who punched her was immediately arrested by police, following to be investigated later today, law enforcement following to give him a drastic punishment. Doctors said the singer is in good condition and soon she can return to the scene.


Fan tryed to walk in Sophie Monk’s Hollywood apartment

October 8, 2009


A fan tried to enter Sophie Monk’s Hollywood apartment. In consequence, the former fiancee of Benji Madden decided to hire a full time bodyguard. That how, Sophie has a new roommate in her house, named Max Lee.


Taylor Swift, shocked by a fan who has tattooed her autograph

October 3, 2009


Taylor Swift has taken as a joke the claim of a fan which promised that she would tattoo the singer’s autograph on her stomach and remained stunned when the girl returned to show her the “artwork”.
I was at a autographs session when a woman approached me and asks if I can sign on her stomach because she wants to tattoo the autograph. I could not believe it when an hour later I saw her returning with a tattoo.