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Francesca Fioretti’s topless photos sold by a paparazzo for 3000 euros

December 13, 2009

francesca fioretti

Became famous with her participation in last year’s edition of the reality show “Il Grande Fratello”, Francesca Fioretti has Italy at her feet. TV assistant and model, the beautiful brunette has already made in the last months a calendar and two photo shoots. Each time, insisted to keep her clothes on, despite the public insistence. Here, however, the beautiful 24 year old has unveiled her breasts in the sun. And she even did it for free!

The episode took place this summer, at the sea, but the photos have only now been made public. An amateur paparazzo sold the photos for 3,000 euros to Leggo Magazine. The pictures show Francesca with her lover, Ferdi Beris – The Italian that won the last edition of “Big Brother” in the boot – in a romantic holiday.

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