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Ronnie Wood left his 20 years old girlfriend

December 10, 2009

Ronnie Wood, Rolling Stones’s guitarist, left his girlfriend after last week, he had a conflict from which the rocker ended up arrested.

According to sources, the rocker’s former girlfriend, Russian Ekaterina Ivanova, is absolutely “devastated” because the musician refused to continue the relationship with her after last week he was arrested for allegedly beating her.

Although Ekaterina, aged 20 years, said that she will not file a complaint against the 62 years old musician, their relationship was too unsettled to continue, said sources close to them.

Moreover, it seems that Ekaterina banter him for his age, and before their last fight she would have want her name on a property in Ireland – worth 3 million pounds – in order to demonstrate that he loves her.


Grady Sizemore, from the Cleveland Indians nude photos were stolen from his girlfriend

November 30, 2009


Not only female stars fall victims to Internet theft. It also happens in sport. In MBL star’s Grady Sizemore case, is not about a XXX tape, but a series of “hot” nude pictures.

Wanting to make his sweetheart – “bunny” Brittany Binger – a gift, the baseball player photographed himself in a mirror, but naked. Considered a true sex symbol, the American was not ashamed to show his manhood, believing that the images will end up into the right hands.


Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t so, the photos making real stir on the internet. Furious, but also embarrassed by the appearance of the pictures, Clevelant Indians star blames a thief: “They were stolen from my girlfriend’s computer, from her email account. I went to the police and investigation is underway. I can not say more. “


George Clooney, cheated by his girlfriend?

November 30, 2009

Italian Elisabetta Canalis, the 31-year-old woman who had to marry one of the most desired bachelor of the planet, actor George Clooney, apparently cruelly disappointed the American star.

Thyago Alves - Whilhemina

It seems that she fell in love with Brazilian model Thyago Alves, 26, and she would have announced Clooney that the next year wedding is off.

The couple has not made any official announcement, but the press in Italy gossips about a possible rupture between George and Elisabetta.


Michael Phelps former girlfriend, designated the new Miss California

November 23, 2009

miss cali

Sunday night, following a brief ceremony, Nicole Johnson was awarded the vacant title of Miss California, after the already famous disqualification of Tiffany Teen.

Questioned about the reasons of her nomination, the young girl offered a somewhat naive response, raising smiles from the audience: “I think the way I presented. I had a lot of confidence on stage and I think I looked great in the red dress”.

Interestingly, although she’s not yet a big name in showbiz, Nicole is used with gold medals. Last year, she had a relationship with the famous Michael Phelps, none other than the best swimmer in history and also the winner of eight titles at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Alexandra Burke, Peter Andre’s new girlfriend, flashes her panties for the Manchester crowd

November 14, 2009

alex burke

There seems to be something about Peter Andre that makes all his girlfriends become professional flashers. Right after the media confirmed the rumors about Alexandra Burke living a love story with Katie Price’s former husband, the singer made her challenging move on the stage.

The result is easily guessed: the front raw spectators present at her concert in Manchester could see the former “X Factor” winner panties. Simon Cowell was impressed by her voice, but it seems that, for a guaranteed success, it’s not enough.


Maxi Priest arrested after he assaulted his girlfriend

October 28, 2009


Life has shown us many times that even stars can make mistakes. It was the turn of Maxi Priest. The British reggae singer was arrested on charges that he had assaulted his former girlfriend.
The musician, who met success with a cover of Cat Stevens’s “Wild World” and a duet with Shaggy, apparently attacked his girlfriend after she caught him with another woman in his car.
Priest was taken into custody by the London police after apparently slammed his girlfriend at the ground and tore down her clothes. He was nervous because she would have threatened to hit his car with a brick. He was released on bail, after spending a night behind bars.


Justin Timberlake, Rihanna’s new lover?

September 23, 2009

justin and rihanna

Justin Timberlake is about to break many hearts if we believe the rumors about a possible secret relationship with the young singer Rihanna.
The gossips regarding Justin Timberlake and his current girlfriend, the beautiful actress Jessica Biel, “problems in paradise” have been fueled by the fact that Timberlake arrived unaccompanied at Emmy awards ceremony, the last weekend.
In addition, a source close to the star said that between Timberlake and Rihanna, who are already good friends, is blooming a beautiful love story.