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Guy Ritchie: ‘Madonna is a retard !”

October 7, 2009

How the press forgot about him lately, Guy Ritchie, Madonna’s former husband thought get noticed. In an interview with “Esquire” magazine, the director has surprised everyone with his remarks on her mother’s children.
Put Madonna up against any 23-year-old, she’ll outwork them, outdance them, outperform them. The woman is broad.” “I still love her,” “But she’s retarded, too.”


Brad Pitt – hunted by Sherlock Holmes

September 23, 2009


Brad Pitt may play the role of Moriarty – the mortal enemy of the most famous detective in literature, Sherlock Holmes, in a sequel for this year movie, directed by Guy Ritchie, which will premiere in December.
Although nothing is set, Pitt being currently busy to promote his latest film, Tarantino’s jewelry – “Inglourious Basterds” and “Sherlock Holmes” will come to the big screen in over three months, sources close to the star are saying that Brad is ardently desired by the producers at Warner Brothers, says Hollywood Reporter.
The role of the famous detective is played by Robert Downey Junior and his assistant, Dr. Watson, is brought to life by Jude Law, both stars with great success at the box office.
That is why Brad Pitt’s joining the project would make “Sherlock Holmes 2” a blockbuster next year.