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Leona Lewis bought herself a $ 3,000,000 villa

November 23, 2009

leona house

Although she said repeatedly that she doesn’t see herself living in the United States, Leona Lewis made the step and bought herself a Hollywood villa.

It is a 3,000,000 dollars house in Hollywood, equipped with a huge kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an annex for guests, parking for ten cars, swimming pool with waterfall and jacuzzi.

A real change for the better, if we consider that, until yesterday, Leona lived with her boyfriend in a £ 120,000 flat in east London.


Gerard Butler, best British actor in Hollywood

November 22, 2009


The famous Scottish actor Gerard Butler, became famous after he played King Leonidas in “300 – Heroes of Thermopylae”, was named best British actor in Hollywood in 2009.

Butler has surpassed the double Oscar award Daniel Day-Lewis and actor Christian Bale, which occupied the second and third position.

Kate Winslet has managed to occupy fourth place in this top. It was one of the two women included in the ranking, the other being Emily Blunt, who ranks tenth.

Gerard James Butler is a Scottish actor born in Glasgow, United Kingdom in 1969. Among his films are “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider”, “Phantom of the Opera”, “PS: I love you” and “RocknRolla”.


Meryl Streep’s daughter debuts in Hollywood

November 5, 2009


Grace Gummer, the daughter of famous actress Meryl Streep, will launch herself in the movie industry with a TV production about a Hollywood kid chaotic life.

Grace, 23, will play a young 17 year old teenager, daughter of a famous actors couple, facing lots of problems for her age. The production is called “Gigantic” and describes the strange world of Hollywood “luxury” children. Also, another young actress will make her debut on the screen, Joe Mantegna’s 19 year old daughter, Gia.

Producers believe that the new series will raise a great audience, because young people everywhere are interested in seeing the affairs of famous teenagers, and “Gigantic” will is all about the juicy details from Hollywood’s teen life.

Gumber Grace is one of the four children of actress Meryl Streep. Although the movie star has kept everyone away from the spotlight, , Grace played on the stage of a theater in New York in November 2008, and her sister, Mamie, also had several small roles in TV series.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, romantic dinner in Hollywood

October 28, 2009

brangelina camaro

After crushing his bike because of a paparazzo, Brad Pitt figured out that four wheels are safer than two, and sat behind the wheel of a brand new Chevrolet Camarro for his latest appearance.
Opportunity for him to take his beautiful wife for a romantic dinner. They chose Ciccone restaurant in Hollywood to spend a night in two. The discussion between the two remain unknown, but the fact is that at the exit Angelina had slightly wry smile.


Naomi Watts, the most profitable actress in Hollywood

October 8, 2009


Australian actress Naomi Watts was designated the “most profitable actress in Hollywood” in a top made by Forbes magazine’s. She brought the biggest revenue for the studios whit whom she worked with.
According to Forbes, actresses who receive the largest fees, such as Angelina Jolie, who recently stood at the head top of the most highly paid actresses in the world with revenues of 27 million dollars a year, are considered less profitable than those they are paid no more than five million dollars per movie.
Aged 41 years, Naomi Watts stood first in this ranking, because she helped the production studios to collect 44 dollars for every dollar that she was paid.


Lady Gaga before celebrity – as you never seen her before

September 26, 2009

In 2006, Stefani Germanotta was a newcomer in the music world, which supported small but beautiful concerts in the LA clubs , with all her clothes on and her hands on the keyboard.
In that same year appeared her first independent EP, “Red and Blue”, hiding behind some simple covers several successful compositions from the artist.
Recently has been published a video of Lady Gaga (then Stefani) singing a song called “Hollywood” at “The Bitter End” club, along with her band …

Here are some pics with Stefani becoming Gaga


Hollywood mourns Patrick

September 15, 2009


Hollywood stars such as Kirstie Alley, Larry King and Demi Moore expressed their regret at the death of actor Patrick Swayze, who died Monday after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
“Patrick you are loved by so many people and will always light our lives. I love you and I will miss you Patrick” wrote Demi Moore on her Twitter page
Patrick Swayze was a great actor and a good man. He put soul in everything he did. He was a great warrior in his battle with cancer,” said Larry King