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Johnny Hallyday, hospitalized for a postoperative infection

December 9, 2009


Singer and actor Johnny Hallyday, 66 years old, was hospitalized Monday in Los Angeles because of an infection that followed an intervention for a herniated disc.

“His state of health is stable and it’s expected to leave hospital in few days,” said the press service of the artist.

Johnny Hallyday has already been operated twice this year for colon cancer.

The singer flew to Los Angeles on December 1, against his doctor’s will, only four days after surgery, according to Hallyday’s entourage. Complaining of pain during the journey, he left the airport in Los Angeles in a wheelchair. As the pain continued to increase, Johnny Hallyday was hospitalized Monday at Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. Doctors have diagnosed a postoperative infection.


David Hasselhoff Hospitalized again for Alcohol Poisoning

September 21, 2009


Actor David Hasselhoff was hospitalized this Sunday, after his daughter found him almost unconscious in his residence in Encino.
The teenager called her mother, Pamela, telling her that David is very drunk. One of Pamela friends called the emergency room, then the paramedics transported Hasselhoff to the hospital.
This is the second time that she finds her father in an advanced state of drunkenness. A few months ago, the actor was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, after his ex-wife called an ambulance to his residence.
It seems that the actor arrived at the hospital at least seven times in the last two years due to excess alcohol.