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Elisabetta Canalis – sexy for Maxim magazine

October 26, 2009


Elisabetta Canalis, the beautiful 31 year old Italian who twisted George Clooney’s minds, is the protagonist of a 100% hot pictorial in the latest issue of “Maxim” magazine.
Although Clooney is complaining that he hasn’t got luck in love, every smile and every movement of the irresistible Elisabetta proves the contrary.
The appetizing brunette became known in Hollywood due to her romance with the actor, but her anchor qualities are undeniable: in Italy she has her own show, which tops the ratings.
Again, I don’t wonder why:)


Katy Perry and Russel Brand – hot kisses on the balcony

October 21, 2009


Saturday, at a private party, the two were so overwhelmed with feelings that they have not taken account about the “audience”.
So they started a hot kiss show on the terrace of the building, under the guests and paparazzi eyes. So hot, that Katy actually needed to cool herself with a glimpse of beer from time to time.


Kristen Stewart is hot and bad

October 2, 2009


The 19 years old actress recently made a pictorial in which she plays a bad girl, sexy and gothic and granted an exclusive interview in which she talked about how life changed after her success with “Twilight”.
Kristen Stewart is enjoying both professional and sentimental success, being in a relationship with actor Michael Angarano.
Here are some of the shots taken for her pictorial


Keeley Hazell – hot for 2010

September 28, 2009


Keeley Hazell is one of the most attractive international stars. After he made a hot calendar for 2009, on the Internet appeared pictures of beautiful Keeley in a calendar for 2010.
And as these pictures show, it will be worth waiting until the official launch of the shootout.


Amber Heard is the new hottie at Hollywood

September 24, 2009


Amber Heard is 23 years old and dreams to conquer Hollywood with her beauty and talent.
The actress has played so far in horror films such as “The Stepfather”, “The Ward”, “Zombieland” and “And Soon The Darkness” and made an excellent impression.
The beauty is not only expecting a successful career on the big screen, but also numerous appearances in magazines dedicated to men. And now we know why…


Megan Fox – hot lesbian kiss

September 16, 2009

“Jennifer’s Body” will definitely be one of our favorite movies this year!
The dangerously sexy scenes with Megan Fox topless are the main reason, but let’s not overlook the kissing scenes with her stage partner, Amanda Seyfriend, !
You should know that the lesbian kiss scene lasts 30 seconds and Megan has shown to be excited by the idea to kiss a girl, saying she feels safer with a girl and she has nothing against bisexuals.