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Eva Longoria, topless in her husband’s arms

October 22, 2009

Eva Longoria has agreed to pose topless in the arms of her husband, Tony Parker, for a sexy pictorial done by “London Fog”, treading on the footsteps of Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen.
The two agreed to pose in intimate and romantic position, and the team of photographers seemed very pleased to work with Eva and her husband.


Mariah Carey – too much for her husband Nick Cannon

September 23, 2009


Invited on Oprah Winfrey’s show, Mariah Carey has shown everyone how much she loves her husband Nick Cannon. When the R & B artist was asked by Oprah to join them on set, Mariah jumped into the arms of her husband, which, taken by surprise, was almost going to drop her.


Amy Winehouse’s former husband refused more than 7 million dollars

September 20, 2009


The the singer’s ex has confessed that he’s not interested in the potential money he could gain from a divorce.
The original agreement had been that Amy would have to pay 7 million dollars. For reasons yet unknown Blake Civil refused to take the money which would have set him free of worries for the rest of his life. But now the mystery is solved. “I give up the money to prove you that I love you and nothing else maters to me”, said Blake in an interview.