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Madonna, the new D & G image

November 11, 2009


Madonna apparently met with Stefano Gabana and won him over. When rumors about the singer doing a pictorial for the new D & G campaign emerged, Stefano Gabbana confirmed on Twitter Monday evening that the “Queen of pop” will be the image for his new collection.

“We are at the last shot… M is simply beautiful,”

“We’re very, very tired but very happy as well… To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true.” wrote StefanoGabana on Twitter.


Britney Spears – “3” preview

October 16, 2009


Britney Spears began filming in Los Angeles, for her new video for the song “3”. This is the song that reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
The clip is directed by Diane Martell, and choreography is provided by Tone & Rich. Britney has two costumes, one black and one white, and appears with two dancers.


Scarlett Johansson – the new Mango image

October 16, 2009


Mango representatives decided that actress Scarlett Johansson should be the company’s image for the season autumn – winter.
The famous actress Scarlett Johansson was present at the end of this week, in a promotional campaign organized by Mango in Munich, Germany.
During her visit, representatives of the Spanish clothing company had proposed her to be the new face of Mango for autumn-winter. In early November, the actress will make a photoshoot for the company catalog. The photo session will take place in Germany.


Megan Fox is the new Armani image

October 14, 2009


Megan Fox doesn’t get enough publicity! Even if her image is already appearing almost everywhere, the young actress will be the new Armani lingerie line image.
Starting in January, the new billboards that will appear all over the world, will “bear” an image with a seductive Megan Fox wearing of course, Armani underwear.
The star, aged 23 years, is not, however, the only image of Armani campaign, the fashion designers has also a male model: non other than the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.