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Jordan sold Peter Andre’s dogs

November 1, 2009

peter andre

Singer Peter Andre had a nervous breakdown when he realized that his former wife, Katie Price, also known as Jordan, sold the two puppies that he loved so much.

Peter is very worried that he will never be able to see his two bulldogs, Hugo and Pepsi again because Katie gave them away without his knowledge.

It seems that when they divorced, the singer said the only requirements after divorce are the puppies and his car.

A close source told that Peter is very upset, especially because his two children Junior and Princess Tiaamii were obsessed with the puppies.


Brangelina – Jordan kids walk

October 5, 2009


The most famous couple of the planet, and considered by many the most beautiful, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, went out for a walk with the kids on Friday for an ice cream in the city of Amman in Jordan.
The two are in the Middle East as “messengers of peace” Friday morning visiting several families of Iraqi refugees in the Syrian capital Damascus.


Jordan: York should be ashamed! I wouldn’t even let him take care of two hookers!

September 28, 2009


Jordan has responded to her former husband Dwight Yorke allegations. Katie Price says Peter Andre was more of a father to York’s child that the football player ever was.
Katie sad that York was always left and never cared about his son.
“He was always gone. You couldn’t seen him too often at home. He should be ashamed for not fulfilling his duty as a father. I would not even let him take care of two hookers!”, said Jordan.


Dwight Yorke: Jordan was a beast in bed, Katie Price, sensitive and tender when we made love!

September 27, 2009


Former player for Manchester United football club, who has a son with Jordan, said the relationship he had with the British Starlet was characterized by extremes. Dwight told how the woman with whom he spent over a year and a half had different behavior in bed, depending on the person she wanted to “interpret”.
“When she was Katie Price, she was tender, loving and extremely sensitive. He loved to cuddle after making love. But Jordan was a beast in bed, like a firework show. she had no inhibitions, she let go all the frustrations and problems of the day. The more wild, more it seemed than she likes it”, said Dwight, with whom Jordan has a 12 years old boy.


Jordan naked in public for her boyfriend Alex Reid

September 22, 2009


Alex Reid, professional wrestler, has confront and defeated on Saturday Jackie Mason, called “Stone”. At the gala the model found it necessary to change clothes before the public, after the pronunciation of the victory.

When the audience began to shout the name Mason, Jordan felt obliged to respond with a healthy “F *** you”, said the witnesses.
Also, Jordan could not refrain to present all an engagement ring, although strongly denied that she will marry Alex Reid


Katie Price – “I was raped by a famous character”

September 15, 2009


Model Katie Price, known as Jordan, says she was raped several times by a celebrity, but refused to disclose the name of the alleged abuser. She stressed that her former husband, Peter Andre, knows about the incident.
“A very famous celebrity raped me and Peter know who it is. This happened many years ago, before me and Peter being a couple. Family and friends also know.”
Jordan broke the silence to defend her current boyfriend, Alex Reid, accused to have appeared in movies with scenes of rape. The star says he could never be in a relationship with a man who has such concerns, because rape is a sensitive point of her soul.

However, her former husband, Peter Andre, denies that he knew more about the subject, stressing that Jordan did not even say anything about this incident