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Katie Price has revealed her breasts twice in 60 minutes

November 18, 2009


Katie Price has succeeded to “accidentally” show her breasts twice in 60 minutes after her arrival in the Australian jungle for the show “I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of here!”.

If the first time Jordan remained only in a bathing suit after a swim in an improvised pool, she showed more when she washed herself from the dirty water in which she just swam.

Jordan, who was allegedly paid 350,000 pounds to take part in the show, said she didn’t had patience and went to take a shower just right after the pool stunt. The cameraman followed her and shot the scene.


Jordan: York should be ashamed! I wouldn’t even let him take care of two hookers!

September 28, 2009


Jordan has responded to her former husband Dwight Yorke allegations. Katie Price says Peter Andre was more of a father to York’s child that the football player ever was.
Katie sad that York was always left and never cared about his son.
“He was always gone. You couldn’t seen him too often at home. He should be ashamed for not fulfilling his duty as a father. I would not even let him take care of two hookers!”, said Jordan.


Dwight Yorke: Jordan was a beast in bed, Katie Price, sensitive and tender when we made love!

September 27, 2009


Former player for Manchester United football club, who has a son with Jordan, said the relationship he had with the British Starlet was characterized by extremes. Dwight told how the woman with whom he spent over a year and a half had different behavior in bed, depending on the person she wanted to “interpret”.
“When she was Katie Price, she was tender, loving and extremely sensitive. He loved to cuddle after making love. But Jordan was a beast in bed, like a firework show. she had no inhibitions, she let go all the frustrations and problems of the day. The more wild, more it seemed than she likes it”, said Dwight, with whom Jordan has a 12 years old boy.