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Katy Perry and Adam Lambert at “This Is It!” premiere

October 28, 2009


The famous Katy Perry and Adam Lambert had stepped on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary film “This is it!”.
Katy, who wore a creation signed by Christian Lacroix looked flawless at the arm of her companion and despite the sobriety of the film, the two seemed ready to celebrate the life and career of Michael.


Katy Perry – sexy for her 25th birthday

October 26, 2009

Katy Perry - sexy for her 25th birthday 2

Katy Perry turned 25 on October 25 and celebrated the day with fast!
After the mega-party on which attended guests like Perez Hilton and Taylor Swift (among others), the star born in Scorpio stopped several times on the streets of LA, to sign autographs.
Katy looked sexier and more graceful than ever: he chose to wear a tiny top that let you guess the shapes under it, encouraging the paparazzi and also our imagination.


Katy Perry and Russel Brand – hot kisses on the balcony

October 21, 2009


Saturday, at a private party, the two were so overwhelmed with feelings that they have not taken account about the “audience”.
So they started a hot kiss show on the terrace of the building, under the guests and paparazzi eyes. So hot, that Katy actually needed to cool herself with a glimpse of beer from time to time.


Katy Perry gets for her birthday a…zoo

October 20, 2009


Russell Brand has hired a full zoo, with “robot” animals , only for the beautiful singer.
Russell was inspired by the animals pen installed near the cinema, for “Where The Wild Things Are”. So he decided to rent the little zoo this weekend, when Katy will be celebrating 25 years. However, the beasts are not real, but Hollywood robots that mimic very well the wild ones.


Katy Perry in love with Russell

October 10, 2009


Katy Perry admitted Friday night on her Twitter page that she’s in love with Russell Brand.
The two have spent several days together in Paris, the city of love, where they were seen walking hand in hand and at fashion show where they were present.
Katy told fans via Twitter that hasn’t made contact with them lately because she is “very much in love” and has completed th post with some romantic lyrics of Rufus Wainwright’s song, “The Tower Of Learning” .


Russell Brand: “I’m in love with Katy Perry”

October 6, 2009


Russell Brand said Monday for The Sun newspaper that he’s in love with Katy Perry. The revelation comes after everyone believed the British comedian has a secret relationship with the singer.
“I think I’m in love!”, said Brand on The Sun, although could not tell about the romantic moments spent in the company of Katy.
After the rumor that the two have spent several romantic days in Thailand, she was seen in Brand’s company, specifically she spent the weekend in Russell London apartment.
However, Monday the British paparazzi captured two mysterious young going to visit the same apartment from which Katy had left a few hours before.


Are Katy Perry and Russell Brand lovers ?

October 2, 2009


Katy Perry lives a beautiful love story with none other than actor Russell Brand! A story with a typical beginning for the two: he sent a poem of love, she responded with a sexy picture in which she uncovered her boobs!
So is no wonder if immediately something sparked between them!
Katy and Russell decided to hide both from the eyes of the press, as well as from that of family and friends. And so that no one can suspect anything about what’s going on between her and Russell, Katy staged a romantic escape to Thailand, where they spent a few days together.