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Kendra Wilkinson entered labor. She will become the mother of a boy

December 10, 2009


Former playmate Kendra Wilkinson will soon see her dream come true. Reality show “The Girls Next Door” star came into labor and was transported to Indianapolis hospital, Indiana, where she’s expected to bring to the world a little boy.

The baby is her first child with American footballer Hank Baskett.

Hearing the happy news, her former boyfriend, Playboy owner, Hugh Hefner wished to congratulate the beautiful blonde: “Send my love Kendra, Hank and the baby, in this memorable day”.

Now everybody expects the official confirmation that the star became a mum for the first time and also to prove, if proofs were needed, that Playboy bunnies know how to be good mothers. And not just in the covers of magazines.


Kendra Wilkinson, stressed out by her huge boobs

October 2, 2009


Former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson, who is now pregnant and expecting a boy, is desperate that her bust has changed size because of her pregnancy.
The model considers that her breasts, which grow continuously, look like balloons that are about to explode.
However, pregnancy had also a positive effect on her body, Kendra being very pleased with her posterior new shape.
“I am very pleased with the way my ass looks now. My husband is very happy”, told Kendra.