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Naomi Campbell sued by a perfumes company

October 28, 2009

British top model Naomi Campbell was sued by a company specialized in the promotion of perfumes, which accuses her for a breach of contract and misappropriation of several million dollars from the sale of perfumes promoted by that company.
The formal charge, Naomi Campbell “made millions of dollars in sales of perfumes and other cosmetics that have been conceptualized, created, produced and promoted by the company Moodform Mission.
According to the official charge, Naomi Campbell made millions of dollars in sales of perfumes and other cosmetics products that have been conceptualized, created, produced and promoted by the company Moodform Mission.
On the other side, Campbell’s spokesman states that “Naomi categorically denies all accusations of Moodform Mission”.


Madonna won the $7.3 million trial against a British tabloid

October 6, 2009

large_madonna richie

The star won the lawsuit against British tabloid “Mail on Sunday”, after accused him of “stealing” more pictures from her wedding with Guy Ritchie.
It is suspected that the 11 photographs, which have never been made public, were stolen by an interior designer who worked on Madonna’s house in Beverly Hills. The High Court of Justice of London made a decision today, prompting the tabloid to pay damages of $7.3 million.
The singer was not present at the delivery of the sentence, but it is expected that the money to be used for charitable activities in Malawi.
Madonna divorced from director Guy Ritchie in November 2008, 8 years after the wedding held in Skibo Castle, in Scotland.


Nicholas Cage – 2 million dollars debt

October 3, 2009


The American actor was sued by East West Bank for not paying a debt for a 2 million dollars loan. The Oscar winner has serious financial problems, Cage being forced to sell one of his properties in Bel Air just to get more money.
The representatives of the bank have opened a lawsuit through which they ask Cage to pay the loan and in addition, a series of commissions and compensation!


Pamela Anderson’s debts

September 28, 2009


Pamela Anderson has bought a mansion in Malibu, California. After almost half a year, the actress decided to renovate the house by her own taste.
Currently, Pam is put face to face with the situation of being sued by those who have worked six months on the house. Pam has made no compromise as she surrounded herself with $50.000 sofas three times more expensive audio systems.
It’s certain tho that Pamela did not pay any money to the contractors hired and now, after having invested about six million dollars in her house, she’s on the verge of a lawsuit with them.


Britney Spears has to pay over $ 200,000 to a paparazzo!

September 25, 2009


Britney Spears needs to pay over 200,000 dollars due to an incident happened over two years ago, when Britney stepped with her car on the photographer’s leg.
Although at first the photographer said he has no financial claims and that the incident will be forgotten, now changed his mind and wants to charge a tidy sum for his injury.
Ricardo Mendoza explained the request by the fact that he spent enough time in hospitals when he was hurt Britney. The amount, he said, includes both bills from the clinic, as well as moral damages from the incident.