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Leona Lewis launches a collection of reasonably priced clothing

November 28, 2009


The star, who’s known as a great animals lover, said that her clothing pieces will be 100% organic. Moreover, the singer said that her products will be affordable for anyone.

“I am very pleased. We have a collection of clothes made of organic materials, which will have a price that allows everyone to wear them. I always wanted to have my own clothing line,” said Leona.


Leona Lewis bought herself a $ 3,000,000 villa

November 23, 2009

leona house

Although she said repeatedly that she doesn’t see herself living in the United States, Leona Lewis made the step and bought herself a Hollywood villa.

It is a 3,000,000 dollars house in Hollywood, equipped with a huge kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an annex for guests, parking for ten cars, swimming pool with waterfall and jacuzzi.

A real change for the better, if we consider that, until yesterday, Leona lived with her boyfriend in a £ 120,000 flat in east London.


Leona Lewis turned down a 1 million pounds offer from Playboy magazine

November 15, 2009


Although flattered by the offer, the British artist refused the offer of the most famous men’s magazine in the world.

According to a British tabloid, Playboy made a 1 million pounds offer for Leona to appear in its pages.


Leona Lewis, victim of a rasist act

November 3, 2009


The X-Factor winner and her father, an Afro-Caribbean, were in a shop in London when a salesgirl asked them to leave the store because she doesn’t likes black people.

Having chosen a product that she wanted to buy, Leona has turned to the woman to ask for the price. Then the woman broke out and said asked the singer to get out of the store.

The star said both she and her father remain speechless and were thrown out of that shop on the ground that they are colored people.

More, the racist shop assistant threatened them that she’s going to call the police. Leo testified that she began crying and that she needed several minutes to recover from the shock.


Leona Lewis refused to kiss Chace Crawford

October 28, 2009


Leona Lewis is afraid of her boyfriend reactions, Lou Al-Chamaa, so that she can’t approach another man not even for art’s sake. Placed in the position to be involved in a passionate kiss with actor Chace Crawford for her new video “I Will Be” Leona has not accepted the director’s script because her boyfriend is very jealous.

“I think he would (feel jealous) if I was kissing them (her video co-stars), but I’d never do that. They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the I Will Be video. But I said ‘No way.’
“I’d just have been too embarrassed, he’s my friend! He’s so beautiful, I mean, look at him – he could be a girl. He’d be a really pretty girl.
But I just don’t think of him like that. And it wouldn’t be fair to Lou to kiss other guys.”

Although Leona has chosen to diminish the charm of the video for her boyfriend, she was pleased with the final result.


Leona Lewis smiles again!

October 21, 2009


After being attacked by a man at the launch of her autobiography “Dreams”, the singer was in shock. It appears that she’s back on her feet smiling her way out of this incident.
Because of the incident, Leona Lewis has canceled her tournament in Germany. After having chosen to stay away from the eyes of the world for a period, she recovered completely. She was recently photographed smiling again for the fans waiting her on the street.


Leona Lewis was left unconscious after a fan has punched her in the face!

October 15, 2009

Singer Leona Lewis had part of an unpleasant event, while she was on an autographs session. The diva signed her new CD, when a 29 years old man suddenly hit her in the head. Leona passed out, and she was urgently taken to hospital.
Now, the singer is recovering and give signs that she feels increasingly better. The man who punched her was immediately arrested by police, following to be investigated later today, law enforcement following to give him a drastic punishment. Doctors said the singer is in good condition and soon she can return to the scene.