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Lily Allen on stage in “Gaga” panties

October 26, 2009

The singer shocked during her last concert in Antwerp, Belgium, adopting an original outfit, delighting the public with views of her legs and posterior.
The 24 year old star climbed on stage dressed in a leopard-patterned blouse and a very short skirt, which let a pretty nice view of her panties.
Apparently loose dress gave her more freedom of movement, Lily dancing the duration of the entire show.


Lily Allen – naked in Venice

October 19, 2009


After a week ago showed us her nipples on the streets of London, the singer managed to turn a romantic morning in Venice in a flasher show.
Taking a mini-vacation with her boyfriend, Sam Cooper, Lily has not lost the opportunity to give the paparazzi a reason for following her all the way to Venice and she came to the balcony half naked!
Sam’s attempts to cover her and get her back in the room were in vain … Why would Lily be hiding something we enjoyed looking so many times?


Lily Allen’s “Pink Riding Hood”

October 17, 2009


The singer spent Thursday night in London with her boyfriend, Sam Cooper, trying to pass unnoticed. However, the paparazzi had no problem detecting her in the landscape due to a pink fluorescent outfit.
The 24 year old star stick to the story, heading for home before she exaggerate with the number of cocktails, still making the delight of photographers with her outfit worthy of a real “Pink Riding Hood”


Lily Allen – no make-up at Frieze Art Fair in London

October 15, 2009


When she’s on stage, Lily Allen doesn’t miss the harsh makeup, false eyelashes, black pen or glitter.
Never too much is the expression when it comes to makeup for Lily Allen, particularly on stage. And yet she looks great without makeup, or rather, she looks like any 24 years woman should look like.
Attending the Frieze Art Fair in London, the singer has appeared in a blue skirt, a black top and off course, no makeup.


Lily Allen – nip slip (again)

October 12, 2009


The singer was surprised with her new boyfriend at the Groucho Club in London, a place frequented by paparazzi – and Lily has not missed the opportunity to make a real media event out of it.
An fashion “accident” gave photographers a few frames at one of Lily’s nipples.
Nothing you haven’t seen before you’ll say, but a pink nipple in the cold London is always a nice sight 🙂


Lily Allen shines at the arm of her boyfriend, Sam Cooper

October 9, 2009


If many people muck her for her fashion style, saying that she inspires too much from Katy Perry, with the love chapter the star seems to manage pretty well, Lilly looking downright brilliant at the arm pf her lover, Sam Cooper.
The pair was caught by the paparazzi coming out a club Friday morning, at 2.00 A.M. Despite the advanced hour, the singer did not seem at all tired. All smiles, the diva looked more fit than ever. Did Lilly finally found her prince?


Lily Allen receives $ 15,000 compensation from British tabloid

September 27, 2009


Lily Allen received an apology from British tabloid The Sun, and damages worth to $ 15,000 for defamation.
British tabloid The Sun apologizes singer Lily Allen and it will pay her damages of 11,000 euros after publishing false quotes attributed to her, originally appeared in a French sports magazine, inform the Media Guardian.
The tabloid agreed to pay the singer 10,910 euros damages after publishing an article in which it was mentioned that Lily said about Victoria Beckham that she’s a monster and about Cheryl Cole that she’s “stupid and superficial”.
The singer denied of making those comments, originally published by a French magazine, and sued the British tabloid for defamation.
The Sun presented official apologies to the singer in his printed edition and online, following the judicial decision.