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Claire Danes, rebel nipples on the red carpet

November 22, 2009


If she wanted to receive more attention, well, Claire Danes managed it. By a method already became to common, but, with some fine improvements we have to say: she left home her bra.


The effect, immediate and stunning. Her nipples poking the see-thru dress worn on the red carpet at the „Me and Orson Welles” London premiere made it around the world in no time.


Mariah Carey spent over 1 million dollars in her four days in London

November 22, 2009


She stayed 4 nights in London and spent about 1 million dollars. It’s off course Mariah Carey, who was present in London to promote her latest album “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel”.

The fabulous bill included first class flights, renting the bedrooms from an entire hotel floor, and rental of a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley.

Mariah wanted a VIP area adorned with white flowers. She requested a white carpet, cakes and an ice bucket covered with diamonds, worth also over 100,000 dollars.


Rihanna flashes her panties for the London crowd

November 18, 2009

rihanna panties

The event occurred Monday night, when the star went to a local club in London with some close friends. A little sloppy, Rihanna was not careful when she left the car and she has revealed for all those present her underwear.


Madonna – black on black

October 22, 2009


If we judge by her late outfit, the singer wasn’t in a very happy mood lately. The star was seen dressed in black from head to toe, hiding her eyes behind black.
Besides this “funeral” outfit, Madonna adopted a sober face to the paparazzi who were waiting her in London, outside the hotel where she’s checked.
The apparent fashion depression that the singer is passing contrasted with the fun and colorful clothes of her daughter, Lourdes.


Elisabetta Canalis – the retro look at „The Men Who Stare At Goats” premiere

October 17, 2009


Each appearance, especially at the arm of her famous partner, is a true spectacle.
That happened also recently, in London, when participating at the premiere of the film “The Men Who Stare At Goats”, where Elisabetta chose a retro, 30’s look.


Amy – Blake’s Girl

October 14, 2009


Amy Winehouse was surprized by the paparazzi with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, aged 13 years, in a round of shopping on central London streets.
Nothing special so far … all stars go shopping, but on this occasion Amy wanted to declare her love for her former husband, Blake Fielder. And after she posted messages of love on the Facebook Wall, the singer appealed to a more visible gesture, wearing a custom pink shirt with the message “Blake’s Girl”.


Gwen Stefani London’s house robbed!

September 29, 2009


Thieves have made their way into singer Gwen Stefani’s $4 million house and stole all the existing jewelry inside. The artist was at that time in a tournament in Singapore, and the house was left for care to the Arts Council boss, Elizabeth Forgan.
Thieves actually broke the front door, even if the residence is located in a very safe area, according to London police. They have stolen all the jewels found in the house, mostly belonging to Mrs. Elizabeth. The artist neighbors heard strange noises in the area, but have never thought such thing could happen.
Although the front door was completely destroyed the robbery was reported to the police after 12 hours when a passer-by saw the disaster and announced the police.