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Johnny Hallyday, hospitalized for a postoperative infection

December 9, 2009


Singer and actor Johnny Hallyday, 66 years old, was hospitalized Monday in Los Angeles because of an infection that followed an intervention for a herniated disc.

“His state of health is stable and it’s expected to leave hospital in few days,” said the press service of the artist.

Johnny Hallyday has already been operated twice this year for colon cancer.

The singer flew to Los Angeles on December 1, against his doctor’s will, only four days after surgery, according to Hallyday’s entourage. Complaining of pain during the journey, he left the airport in Los Angeles in a wheelchair. As the pain continued to increase, Johnny Hallyday was hospitalized Monday at Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. Doctors have diagnosed a postoperative infection.


Shane West fell and cut himself after getting drunk at a Katy Perry concert

November 26, 2009


Actor Shane West was so drunk after spending at a club in Los Angeles where Katy Perry performed, that he fell and cut his face.

The 31 year old star had great fun in a club in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and several other friends. But Shane apparently drank too much, lost his balance, fell and cut himself in the face. Besides the bad cut on his face, he also got a few bruises on various parts of the body.

The actor left the club immediately after the incident to treat his wounds and to escape, perhaps, the paparazzi’s flashes.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, at the Museum of Contemporary Art 30th anniversary in L.A.

November 16, 2009

brad and angelina

Excepting the premieres, Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt are rarely seen together at public events.

Following recent rumors on the problems of the couple, the two made their appearance at the 30th anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

However, they didn’t shown the affection with which they accustomed us on the red carpet. The two walked over the gallery, quite distant from each other.


David and Victoria Beckham don’t even want to hear about Europe no more

November 15, 2009


David and Victoria Beckham don’t even consider moving to England after David ends his contract with LA Galaxy, the two declaring in unison that they feel very well in Los Angeles, USA.

The 34 year old superstar has signed with LA Galaxy in 2007 and wants to remain on American soil. An important argument in his decision was the possibility that his three kids to live a life free from media attention, which couldn’t be possible in Europe.

“We have a normal life here, and the paparazzi don’t follow us at every street corner. We are planning to not leave the U.S. in the coming years,” said David Beckham.

Victoria, the singer became fashion designer, admitted that it was difficult to accommodate in Spain (where the family lived when David played for Real Madrid) and that in the United States she feels much better.


Shauna Sand (nip)slips on her way home from the restaurant

November 12, 2009


Lorenzo Lamas’s former wife, Shauna Sand, made the paparazzi’s day when leaving an L.A restaurant.

Last night, after she left the restaurant, Shauna was photographed in the car while preparing to leave the parking lot. Apparently, at the sight of the paparazzi, one of the actress breasts refused to stay under her “dress”, revealing a nasty scar, probably after the silicone implant surgery.

All this took place while one of her three children was in the car, right next to her mom.


Katy Perry and Adam Lambert at “This Is It!” premiere

October 28, 2009


The famous Katy Perry and Adam Lambert had stepped on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of the documentary film “This is it!”.
Katy, who wore a creation signed by Christian Lacroix looked flawless at the arm of her companion and despite the sobriety of the film, the two seemed ready to celebrate the life and career of Michael.


Brad Pitt suffered a motorcycle accident this Saturday in Los Angeles / Video

October 25, 2009


The actor had a motorcycle accident on Saturday morning in Los Angeles. Fortunately, nothing serious has happened.
Brad was very eager to test his new ride, and thought that the weekend is the perfect time for this. But something made him lose control of the handlebars and ran into a car. Some sources claim that guilty would be a paparazzo.
The fact is that Brad wasn’t hurt at all. He rose, pushed the bike to the sidewalk, talked a while with the fans and that was it. Maybe his grizzled beard would have to make him think twice before taking his bike on a ride the next time.